National E-Invoicing Initiative
A digitalisation to improve business efficiency and productivity.


einvoicing einvoicing


The National E-Invoicing Initiative aims to drive interoperable E-Invoicing by digitalising how businesses send invoices to other businesses, allowing different accounting software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to send and receive e-invoices in a system-to-system manner.

Increase Business Efficiency

Increase Business Efficiency

Elimination of manual data entry and paper handling leads to shorter processes, minimize errors and reduce overall financial cost.

Enhance Security

Enhance Security

E-invoicing offers enhanced security with encryption, reducing the risk of fraudulent bills and protect sensitive information.

Enhance Security
Ease Cross Border

Ease Cross Border Transactions

Streamlined E-Invoicing information can also help improve cross border data exchange on business transactions.


'Greener' For Business

Reducing paper-based invoicing reduces carbon footprint, requires lesser energy and physical space.


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