ERP Integration – SAP Server Log

All Server Log for Inbound and Outbound logistics, bringing supplies or materials from or into your warehouse.

Import Purchase Order

Download/Import Purchase Order into SKYBIZ WMS then Manage items to ensure items are placed in logical locations before QUC and matching such as quantity and size are performed.

Inbound Goods Receiving Note

A Goods Receipt Note or GRN is a document that acknowledges that the delivery has been executed successfully by the seller to the customer. Inbound – Goods Receiving Note are based on Inbound from PO & RDO


Download/Import product information to organize and generate barcodes in the Search Prepack list module.

Manage Stock Transfer Order

The Stock Transfer Order is used to track the move of the goods from bin to bin or to have physical movements for an inbound delivery or outbound delivery. When the goods are made for delivery, the quantity and value are updated in the relevant accounting and the system creates the goods issue document with these details.


Product Master is a data management solution that compiles and validates all product-related data such as product types, product lines, and groups, product pricing schemes, product hierarchies, and historical product details.

Manage Return from DC (RDO)

SKYBIZ WMS 2.0 allows you to process a return transaction using the same order that was originally used to ship the goods to the customer. This increases traceability and allows you to see at a glance what a particular customer has returned.

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